Book Chapter/Reference Articles

Some of the places where you will find Russell’s work.

1-Innovations in ICT

bookChapter in the British Council Innovations in Learning Technologies for English Language Teachers

Russell wrote a chapter in this book along with Anthony Basiel on using technology to assess students.





2- Innovations in CPD

2015-07-03_18-08-42Russell writes another chapter for the British Council. This time with Savraj Matharu  in the Innovations in the Continuing Professional Development of English language teachers on Using technology to provide greater flexibility in CPD 





3- Stannard, R. (2014). Is this the start of a feedback revolution. How Technology could change the way we provide feedback. The European Journal of Applied Linguistics and TEFL 2014, Volume 3, No 2.

4- Stannard, R. (2017). A Genuine Innovation In The Delivery And Form Of Feedback On Student’s Written Work. In M. Carrier, R. M. Damerow, & K. M. Bailey (Eds.), Digital Language Learning and Teaching: Research,Theory, and Practice .New York, NY: Routledge & TIRF.

5- Mann, S & Stannard, R (2018). Using Screen Capture Feedback to Establish Social Presence and Increase Student Engagement. In C. Xiang ( Eds.)  Cases on audio visual media in language education. IGI Global.